Finding Great Opportunities for New Business Encounters
SEMICON Japan Special Events

写真:SMART Applications Zone

SMART Applications ゾーン

Finding technologies that will shape the future.
New SMART Applications ZONE will connect SMART industries with the semiconductor supply chain.


SEMI Tutorial

Supporting young employees and students as they head into the future, fostering a new generation of human resources.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for the Electronics Industry

Construction of a business continuity plan to protect industries from natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Exhibition of companies’ disaster-prevention measures and earthquake-prevention equipment.



Besides regular exhibits, country/region/organization pavilions will drive a global industry networking and bring energy to the show floor of SEMICON Japan 2019


Autonomous Driving Pavilion

Focus on the importance of semiconductors in the popular industry of autonomous driving. Showcase of the current progress of the industry through companies’ products and services.

1000 SEMI Standards & Counting

In 1973, SEMI debuted its 2-inch wafer standard. This year, SEMI has achieved 1000 standards and will continue to provide for the future of the industry.

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